Our rates are £180 per day 10-5pm. All rates include an engineer.


£180 10-5pm

Simple day of recording; 10am-5pm @ £180 a day.

Turn up, set up, record. Great for live recordings for demos or laying down the start of a full production, you'll achieve more in a day here than you would anywhere else.  Evening sessions on Fridays and Saturdays 6pm-11pm @ £180 or 3hrs @ £105. Please email us on info@skylinestudios.co.uk for more


Ashford Control Room


from £500

Everything from one-off single releases to full on 12+ track albums, we're ready to record your music and bring your ideas to life. Our engineers are experienced producers and musicians so can offer guidance at every step of the record process; all projects for 8 or more tracks will include a FREE production day; come in, set up, play live, get recorded. This lets us get to know you as a band, and work out how we can capture the tracks best for you. If you want more, ask for our full production service.


£300 10-5pm 

All you can record!  Literally, record your entire catalogue in a 10-5pm day if you want and we'll mix it all a few days later. The same mix will be applied across all the tracks you record, but you'll also get a full professional master.  If you want more production, just contact us and we'll give you a bespoke quote.



Email for a Quote

Bring us your music. Tell us your direction. We'll create arrangements, structures, get sessions musicians, record parts... The full works. This is where your music deserves to be. Imagine your simple acoustic song being transformed in to a stadium-filling anthem! This is where are experience and expertise really shines through. Get in touch with Jez Larder (jez@skylinestudios.co.uk directly for information on production & writing