Anna Neale

"I've done the majority of my recordings at Skyline simply because it's a lovely relaxed, creative space with a great sound. Jez is one of the most hard working and dedicated people I know in the music industry. He's also very easy to work with and full of ideas which is good at 10 in the morning!!”

Amy Macdonald

"I worked for some time early on in my career at Skyline, I had  such fun working there and the results were ace!"

Pete Wilkinson

"I love working at Skyline Studios, everything is ‘easy’ there and Jez is a dream to work with, I can’t recommend Skyline enough”

Kate Maberly 

"This place is simply brilliant.. comfy, creative space to work in with everything you could need. And thanks to Jez's genius and focus, I've produced demo's here in days which in other places would've taken weeks. I am immensely proud to have been the little girl who cut the ribbon and opened the joint all those years ago - Skyline rocks”

Krissi Murisson
Krissi Murisson

"I lived near Skyline when I was a teenager and Jez was always incredibly supportive and encouraging, letting me come in and try stuff out with whatever band I’d formed that week. My time there taught me loads about music – not least that I was a terrible terrible singer and should really have stuck to music journalism instead!”

Steve Rodgers
Steve Rodgers
Steve Rodgers

"A huge thank you to Jez and his team at Skyline Studios for their professionalism and creative input. I’ve been recording with them on and off now for three years now and the end result as well as the process has been exactly what I’d hoped for - thanks guys and see you soon for another session”

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